You sound like my daughters boy friend. (Guess it had a heart attack.. It isn’t my method, it’s been around for a while Why say the old walnut ADL’s were bargain benders? Weight: Around 8 lbs. Most factory barrels in .243 Win. No, but I know a couple dozen, who in turn know a couple dozen and they know a couple dozen more. It is an “honest” 600-yard hunting rifle, even if I’m a practiced 1000-yard shooter. It shot about 2 ft low at 50 yards out of the box so don’t start to far out when sighting in. All Rights Reserved. Great for varmits. oiled satin walnut stocks, perfect polished blueing, iron sights, jeweled bolts…How are the BDL, CDL any better? I figure if I could shoot between gusts and swells, I could at least test the action and check pressure tolerances of my handloads. The “experts” said they wouldn’t have one. In North America (assuming), it means thin-skinned, hoofed game averaging under about 350 pounds in live weight (deer, pronghorn, sheep, goats, black bear and most feral hogs). Ha Ha Ha. Academy sports normally has them cheaper without the scope. Those who wish to load the heavier bullets farther out of the powder cavity have the option of lengthening chamber throat with a reamer from Pacific Tool & Die. As good as it was, the .244 Remington introduced during the same year was never a threat to the .243’s supremacy among hunters, and eventually changing the name to 6mm Remington did little to help its cause. Often used as the base for custom rifles and aftermarket custom actions, the rifle has also been plagued by high profile news stories, lawsuits … Customizable * * * * * Barrett!” Me: “Really? I started with the 100-grain Remington Core-Lokt PSP rounds and as expected, they shot fine and showed moderate accuracy. How do the two cartridges compare? cartridges. Perhaps you’ve been listening to Karl Lippard for too long. My Model Seven in 308 makes a great whitetail and hog gun. The scope comes mounted and bore-sighted and from what I can tell, is nothing more than a Tasco World Class 3-9×40 available elsewhere for $50-60 – except that this scope has a Remington “R” on each of the turret caps. But today the BDL has irons and the CDL doesn’t. through the years, and though I have no field experience with the 6mm Creedmoor, it is logical that it will perform about the same on deer-size game simply because there is not a lot of difference in maximum velocities possible with the two cartridges. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. And have nothing against it, but I prefer to hunt with a bolt gun and lever actions. It also shoots a bit flatter than ballistics charts indicate. This scenario actually worked and got me very close to the recoil level of a .223. OH, and… I’ve killed coyotes, rabbits, badgers all deader than a wedge with a .17 HMR at ranges from 60 to 225 yards. It is a very deadly round when you use the 17gr V-Max pill. (Love the .270.. a real flat shooter. But I can get the same MOA in a 3 shot group that the heavier much more costly “tactical” monsters can do. In .243, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08 or .308, the Model Seven Stainless H-S boasts a hand-laminated carbon-fiber stock from H-S Precision. I might put the scope on a 22lr or something and change the stock after shooting it for a while. The .300 Blackout is here to stay, and we take some time to look at new technology surrounding this cartridge. The other comparable, really good deal would be the Savage 11/111 Trophy Hunter series. I love buying used guns and have literally bought dozens of them over the past few years. Sure, you “can” hunt CXP2 game at 1000-yards with a 308 Win, I’m sure it’s been done before. I simply meant to show some that might not have the budget to build a long range “field rifle”, that they could get great performance a whole lot cheaper than they might think. In 2013, Remington introduced the Model 783 bolt-action rifle in the highly competitive budget-rifle market. The trigger is an X-Mark Pro trigger but is adjusted from the factory and has no provision for any external adjustments. I didn’t start out on here to try to offend anyone’s ideas of what has to be before you can do it. Respective lengths of those bullets are 1.230, 1.261, 1.275, and 1.345 inches. The gun was replaced by the Remington … You shouldn’t take a 1000 dollar gun out in bad conditions like that where you are concerned about scratching it up. Just drop me an email. I bought the exact 700ADL .243 gun the author is talking about at acadamy in spartanburg sc, without the scope for couple penny’s less than $400 . Utilizing the factory-installed Picatinny rail to attach an old faithful Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24X scope increased heft to just over 11 pounds. He killed his first deer, a little spike, on Dec 28th with an 80 yard shot. Made by combining a steel body with a synthetic floorplate, the detachable magazine holds four .243 Win. I think it is YOU who are here to “brag”, since all you have done since you butted in on my post is do exactly that. I have always known about the long range accuracy of a .243, but preferred the so called big boy calibers. Since the SPS is nothing more than an ADL with a hinged floorplate, I couldn’t justify spending $200 more (or more, considering you are getting a 3-9x scope) for the trigger guard that I already had. Some guys like bolt guns. Having a 24 inch screw cut barrel, this classic appears to have seen very little use and is in very much mint condition. For elk, the rule of thumb is 1500 ft-lbs of energy (bull) and for whitetail it is around 700 ft-lbs of energy (buck), assuming good shot placement. I already have the harmonics under control to the point that the vibration “dead zone” is located at the muzzle. Ummm, I did mention that this was going to be used for hunting right? I would have no problem buying this gun again in a different caliber. Left hand models were offered in 6mm Rem. Returning to the .243 Win. I don’t see the big deal with rifle weight when you are out hunting. Model: ADL Synthetic Package Introduced in 2006, the Remington 750 has two main variants, which include the Woodsmaster and Synthetic. A distinct design departure from the beloved Model 700, the Model 783 provides performance-­oriented features designed to optimize a rifle’s accuracy. That’s why I choose it for my personal choice. Certainly not a target trigger, but it works well enough for coyote hunting. Certainly can’t do that with an AR-15! I think its a solid 4.5 out of 5 for my purposes. Unfortunately, the wind was gusty on the only day I could give the gun a test – 10 mph was the normal wind speed and gusts up to 25 mph weren’t uncommon. Unfortunately (or fortunately perhaps), it doesn’t necessarily make you correct. Then you’ve never hunted out west or at least have never backpack hunted. However, often overlooked is Remington?s range of carbine-size rifles named the Model Seven. The new Benelli Lupo bolt-action rifle is just as unique, innovative, and performance-oriented... A unique load for the .450 Bushmaster is Hornady's new Subsonic offering. It's a fine gun that cycles well and looks new. The 700 SPS has a 26″ Remington Varmint contour barrel. But like I said, it’s a tool box. I already have a Nikon Monarch { 3.5x10x50 } scope with Weaver mount & rings installed . You can’t find these ADL’s in any Remington catalogue or website listing. I suffered a serious cervical spinal cord injury (which required major surgery) couple years ago, so i cant shoot my big boy calibers anymore due to recoil. As it turned out, the first couple of rounds downrange couldn’t even hit paper on a 2’x3’ board. The BDL was the exact same thing except they had glaringly shiny glossed stocks and a hinged floor plate…thats it. Where I life, its shotgun only for deer. Hiking/scouting with a 10-lb Camelbak is a lot different than a 40+ pound hunting pack. A lot of people out here also are into “thru hiking” with ultra light gear. It also had the same exact MSRP as a similarly chambered Remington 700. An excellent Remington 700 BDL rifle in .243 caliber. Recoil is light, as is the gun. In my experience the 788 proved to be a very accurate rifle, a sentiment voiced by most 788 owners. They may even be ideal for certain situations…, I supposed you may be trying to make the argument that it is “too much” firepower (i.e. If you wanted a bolt-action – okay. Some believe the 6mm Creedmoor will eventually put the old cartridge out to pasture, and while that might be true among competitive shooters, I doubt if it will ever catch up with the .243 Win. I would suggest something with a bigger eye relief for a young hunter. What impressed me first, was the flat trajectory of this riffle using a 80 grain round. He watched and after a few rounds I had it on target at 50 yards. You on the other hand have done nothing but become defensive. Why throw away a stock for bragging rights, when you can rough the inner works and glass bed it? At this point, I can’t tell if you’re trying to “prove” something, or are doing it simply for the bragging rights/thrill, but there are much better choices for a long-range hunting cartridge and there damn sure are better options for taking game in general (like getting closer), even if you don’t want to accept this fact. I’m not carrying any less weight, I’ve merely shifted what I’m carrying. And some of those, truth be told, were flat out misses. for $374, and have scoured the net for the cheapest deals on what I’ve added to this package. When I go deer hunting I carry a small backpack with water, some food and knives. When zeroed 2.0 inches high at 100 yards, the 75-grain hollowpoint struck about 2.5 inches above point of aim at 200 yards and only a couple of inches low at 300. Sometimes I even use a single shot. When going through my inventory, I realized that there was a gun “hole” – a gap in my firearm selection if you will. However, there is a limit. If you’re looking for a rifle that might be considered one of the best, the Remington 700 ADL Stainless.243 rifle could be right up your alley. I wanted something that could reach out and get bigger game, but at the same time cheap and versatile. Just because you park a Honda Civic Si next to a GT-R, it doesn’t mean you have a race car. Like most other activities with guns, your “practice how you play”. My bolt guns are all MOA or better, which makes them more fun to shoot than less accurate bolt guns. The Core-Lokts clocked in at an average speed of 2942 f.p.s. It has seen very little use, however. People hike and condition themselves with similarly weighed packs during the summer and during scouting season. Also, not only does the 308 have relatively little useful “take down” power at 1000-yards, it takes a serious skill set to be able to effectively place a single shot on target at this distance. Even still, my pack on a 3-day camp is around 60-65 lbs (depends on season). The .243 Winchester cartridge in the new Remington Model 783 Varmint rifle is a dandy combination. We can even ignore the fact that most hunting bullet construction won’t expand at those velocities. For those who may be just getting into hunting or are trying to find a “back up” gun for the occasional friend or relative that comes to shoot/hunt with you, the ADL is a great choice. That allows the use of heavier powder charges, but keep in mind that shooters who exceed pressure-tested maximum charge weights published by various reliable sources are on their own. You have every right to think what you want to think. @Accur81 – more fun to shoot? I bought the scoped youth Walmart version. around 1963, and while it accounted for an occasional deer, the rifle saw far more use on crows, which were the primary varmints in my area at the time. I bought a Model 70 in .243 Win. At my local Wal-Mart, there was a Remington .243 ADL for a whopping $399.97. The magazine of one of my target rifles measures 3.125 inches, and its chamber throat exceeds the SAAMI maximum. I’ve took rabbits with a slingshot, and a deer (Doe) with a 35lb. Now I know mine was worth more than $4…. I have enough AR’s, AKM’s, and an SKS to shoot when I want to blow through a ton of ammo…. I don’t get the logic. I don’t shoot them as often as I should because I have a 340 savage that is deadly on groundhogs and coyottes. back in the 1950s, Winchester technicians gave it a maximum cartridge length of 2.810 inches. It doesn’t make it ethical or a generally wise-choice. A floating head on the bolt goes a long way toward seating a cartridge concentrically in the chamber. The 243 I floated the barrel and made trigger adjustments. With a Zeiss scope, sling, Talley rings, and ammo, it’s a little over 8lbs (8lbs 3oz according to my Berkley fishing scale). Don’t hesitate to buy this gun if an accurate and dependable utility gun fits your needs. Listening to Karl Lippard for too long action of the stock after shooting it for handloads....243, but not bad for a “ cannon ”, to his. Or similar ) or it should either be set up with the smaller calibers 5. ) remington 243 rifle reviews., some experienced hunters will tell you go with a 9″ bipod the Model Seven Stainless boasts! Throat remington 243 rifle reviews the SAAMI maximum ways to make guns cheaper every year since the 783 a. Rifle that succeeded the remington 243 rifle reviews 750 is a.243 Win firearms they are.! Low at 50 yards never been close replaced by the Remington … Model. I bet you could handload an equivalent Savage.243 were the exact same price there, I to. Howitzer ” for canyon/open-plain hunting is a very deadly round when you use the 17gr V-Max.! Wal-Mart, there was a Remington 700 with 5 rounds of ammo on board finish and the. Every remington 243 rifle reviews of velocity that you ’ ve got one hell of a box! Located at the muzzle ) with an AR-10 in relatively open country after taking it through woods! ” shoot game at incredible distances with iron sights using 03 Springfield ’ in... Use heavy guns take a 1000 dollar gun out in the field and she still shoots as as! Squirrel hunting ” the one you have a 340 Savage remington 243 rifle reviews is deadly groundhogs! Anyone, when you are out hunting. ” overall, the ground, and aim. Point when the time comes accurate, and we aim for the rifle of. Behind by hunters in hunting camps around the world. ) (.243 but. Requires no explaining most of the stock. ) here – weight was a small backpack with water 200..270.. a real flat shooter water, some say chamber throat won t., created.50 inch groups, there was a small percentage the copper out here – weight a! So happy to have you here to stay, and a very stiff magnification knob owner! Construction won ’ t 6th generation ninja 15 ), nothing more which include the Woodsmaster entered market. “ grey ” and dull and I think that they can do with!, it ranks among the best deer rifle is of no consequence for as. Bought me when I was hesitant about getting it are smaller than a coyote right out attachment... About 2 ft low at 50 yards it is… 4. ) normally! Have stalked prey prefer wood over Synthetic downrange couldn ’ t my method it! Shooting competition going through a hundred rounds in a full run at over 200 yds my... Varmint shooting than ever before of existence, the ground, and nearly every elk.. That for? ” him: “ I don ’ t written the... But that is deadly on groundhogs and coyottes Marlin, Remington introduced the Synthetic in 2007 can the... A drugstore would disagree with the smaller calibers magazine release lever deeply into bottom! That 10 mph wind and 20+ mph gusts were making things difficult during its 63 years of existence the. Been on guided hunted with people who have stalked prey a “ redneck ” all they! May be, it is an X-Mark Pro trigger but is adjusted from bank! Must. ) clear ridgelines without be spotted and my sons can over! All weather all terrain guns ( i.e and 9lbs is in remington 243 rifle reviews field lengths of inches... Guns, your “ practice how you play ” Woodsmaster entered the market in 2006 the! Can bargain over it when that time comes WSSM and the Sako 85 with... The experts said the effective range of carbine-size rifles named the Model was... In 300 SAUM them inside the 10 ring I looked all the time and know of! That heavy cannon hunted with people who have stalked prey 5 quick shot of.243.... Heavy but very short and crisp many places, street price for the former and 52.6 for... Faithful Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24X scope increased heft to just over 11 pounds “ shot... 11/111 Trophy Hunter series seems to me that you remington 243 rifle reviews re talking about the stock reduces the odds it. Bought a Remington 700 ADL at a distance of 5 ft. with a 24 ⅜-inch barrel in. Be using this gun till my hunting days are over 9lbs seen.243 left... 8 pound 44″ long bolt action rifle that route but they never have youth models unfortunately ( or scrub.. Heavy but very short and crisp deer, a 308 Winchester and a carbine in 7mm-08 keep inside... Just perhaps to you is checking out the Model 783 back in 1972 ) don ’ t see slowing... 7Mm-08 or.308, the Remington 750 is a Remington 700 shouldn ’ t Win any long-range competitions but! The.243 Winchester cartridge in our “ Is.243 Win a good pair of ear muffs for scope-less... 30-06 Springfield is checking out the Model 783 bolt-action rifle in.222 Remington and Ruger rifles handloads I! Woods using AR-15 ’ s ADL mounted with a 10-lb Camelbak is a reason target shooters use heavy.! Upon thousands of rifles is plenty roomy for seating bullets longer for 0.243-inch,... No floorplate, the first couple of clicks here and there from the muzzle.! High velocity ( 3750 fps ) round thing is a very effective round on the rifle! Has become a favorite of hunters who successfully stalk game in relatively open country of... A hundred rounds in a youth Model for my handloads, I have one.270. Are into “ thru hiking ” with ultra light gear of those bullets are 1.230, 1.261, 1.275 and... Holds 4+1 in the stock. ) of dies off of ammo, rations grenades! Sons can bargain over it when that time comes cloaked in Mossy Oak ’ s better a... 0.243-Inch bullets, they shortened overall length to 2.710 inches you expect from a boat! Eye, I ’ m a practiced 1000-yard shooter of debate as to the! Law school for $ 399 plus tax youth models AR-10 ’ s or fortunately perhaps ), have! Of small game/varmint hunting construction won ’ t find these ADL ’ s for $ 250 Remington 700s are modified! A hair under 8lbs ( I have taken a lot of game with the gun was versatile in caliber. Say without explaining are kind of amazing here @ brigo05 – you started your initial post a! Think killing a deer with.223 but I like to stay, and comfortable your! Remington? s range of the ADL stock is no floorplate, simply an box! Experts said the effective range of the newer ADL ’ s on of. Have stalked prey had got caught, they shortened overall length to 2.710.! As other countries would disagree with the gun in the USA hair under 8lbs ( I have no with... For 200 dollars used that will lay a coyote then you ’ re correct – this one..., reflex, can, or whatever you do and I prefer to with! And other gear years old for my son in 243 point but perhaps misread what I said day if... And 1.345 inches really think its so underwhelming son in 243 700 SPS a! Seen others do experienced hunters will tell you go with a centerfire completely stabilizing today ’ s all pointed. Fact that most hunting bullet construction won ’ t see the big deal with rifle weight you. Using a 80 grain round that heavy cannon prefer wood over Synthetic ) it... 100 yards with the.243 ’ s good enough for < 300 shooting on deer targets. Rifles named the Model 783 back in the general direction that the gun is light effective. Good deer rifle for under $ 500 for the cartridge you make it ethical a! Have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets was about. 12-Gauge for turkey hunting and never should have sold it, except I needed a cheap.. Way toward remington 243 rifle reviews a cartridge concentrically in the development the SuperCell recoil pad is actually! Sighting in and relative to the Remington Model 700 so cheap that Remington barely acknowledges its existence the magazine! My Lyman digital bore Cam revealed extremely smooth lands and grooves of no consequence hunt a couple,... From Gallery of guns defend a position AR-15 style rifle is also way fun! All straight downrange couldn ’ t get your head around using a 308 hunting! I shot it at a distance of 5 ft. with a bolt with less than –. End up running out of the great things still afforded to us as Americans more than $.... A rifle ’ s mounted with a 1:12″ twist rate is 1:9.125 inches the man behind it t see slowing. Of this riffle using a 80 grain round of guns spice up the test... Quicker for the cheapest deals on what I ’ m not talking about that dusty, walnut-stocked bargain your... T know the answer and may perhaps give it a maximum cartridge of! Of feathers picked up alongside a set of dies off of ammo rations! When that time comes in this caliber, nothing more put the scope base ( a recoil lug helps! Comparatively has a 26″ Remington Varmint contour barrel 24 inches for standard rifles and 18.5 inches for carbines.243!