Tears were streaming down his cheek…

Tears were streaming down his cheek. And I saw the pain in his eyes. It was heartbreaking to see a grown man cry.

Last night, I was having a beer with my good friend John. Initially, he didn’t intend to tell me what happened. But the story slowly unfolded. His wife cheated on him. And he felt betrayed and devastated. 

You see, he is a house-husband. Every day, he cooks for his kids and packs food for his wife. He takes care of the kids while his wife brings home the dough. He felt that he put in so much effort for the family only to be betrayed.

This is not the first time it happened. But he felt helpless. He has been married for seven years. He has been at home for so long, he doesn’t even know how to meet people and date anymore. He is not sure if women would still find him attractive.

I sat there and listened. Then, I asked him to do an exercise with me. In fact, let’s do the same exercise I did with him yesterday. Write down ten things you would do to show love to your loved ones. Yes, pause this email and write it down. Come back when you are done.

Now, look at the list. Instead of doing it for your kids or spouse,  you are going to do for yourself. It can be anything from getting a massage, going on a holiday to buying a pair of shoes.

So often we neglect to love the most important person in the world. You. So I want you to commit to check one thing off the list tomorrow. And schedule three more of that in the future.


To becoming the best version of yourself,


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