So I am in Bayview Marriot Hotel in Newport Beach for a mastermind for entrepreneurs. It always feels good meeting people who are also actively driving their journey of growth. The positive energy that we build on each other is nothing short of amazing. Do you actively seek out people that encourage you to grow? Do you have a supportive community that makes you feel safe?

Just now, we had a fancy candlelight dinner with champagne to reward ourselves for the hard work we have put in. There, I met a millionaire who owns several businesses in the country. We chatted for a bit, minutes later, he was trying to convince me to be part of his business. I am still considering it as I have a lot on my plate right now. How many of you realize that it is a good problem to have – to have opportunities just knocking on your door? You can bet, the reason he was so eager to invest in me was because I put into practice the methods I shared in science to make anyone like you.  This would have never happened to me five years ago.

How can you make someone more receptive to you in a social setting? One method I use is called the Familiarity Trick. So, you can go to a party and say hello to everyone there. Don’t engage in long conversations yet. Just greet everyone and occasionally give them a compliment on something you observed about them. And then go back again to talk to the people you are interested to get to know you better. I guarantee they would be more receptive to you the second time. It is a hack that makes their brain believes you are no longer a stranger because they have seen you before.

I am super pumped for tomorrow.



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